Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know many people think Glenn Beck is a lunatic, but what if he is correct? Has anyone in the media come out to discredit him? Yes! Has anyone come out to disprove his findings on the bureaucracy and corruption that is associated with the government, corporations and media? No! Wait...did I just hear a "No"? Why? Perhaps they think that his findings are merely that of a madman or a good old fashioned conspiracy theorist? But, has anyone ever checked out his evidence? I have! Maybe not all, but the items I have checked out were indeed true! Why won't someone else check out his accusations? Maybe they have and can't disprove any of them? The scary part of this is that these facts certainly go against our founding system of government, cheques and balances, values and citizenry as we know it! Have we really become a nation of minimal expectation and pacification by another? We can only hope not! Where are the rest of the media on these issues? In my opinion, they are so attached to the breast of corporate stigmatising that weaning them off would be as easy as drilling a cavity on a lion! If we are at the crossroads of becoming a socialist nation ridding ourselves of self dependence and independence, where are the voices challenging this transformation? Have we really lost our thirst to be the only Republic in the world? Does the majority of this country really want to sit back and let the government do all the work? I believe the government is good for some things, but for everything..no way! So, is Glenn Beck correct? I think we need to wake up and prove him wrong! We can't sit on the bench hoping the coach will call us into the game because it is our game and the game is FREEDOM! We all know the feeling of losing a game, but this game would leave an everlasting sting!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010


While driving to drop my kids off at my relatives house I heard on the radio that Lindsey Lohan was having financial difficulties. Wow! Not only is that ground breaking news that needed to be reported to the listening nation, but should have been addressed by the President! The report went on to say that Miss Lohan had been dropped for a part that she reportedly had already been screened for. Well, kids this is why parents should explain the truth of Hollywood and the hard reality that it isn't this magical place where dreams come true to live happily ever after! How often do we hear about the fall from grace that many actors take. Rarely, although not always do we hear of an actor leaving Hollywood to make the same salary that he/she acquired while in the lime light. So, kids this is why actors are only pretending to not only be someone they are not on camera, but in their everyday lives also!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Am I against homosexuality? Well, I do have a relative who is gay. That's not the question. Am I against homosexuality? Do I think it is wrong morally, well, no. My reason is because you cannot condemn someone for exercising freewill. If a person is convinced that they believe strongly in something despite it's popularity or religious approval I agree that a person has the right to exist as such. Now, do I totally agree with homosexuality. No, because it does prevents the natural laws of nature from occuring. Procreation can't occur through homosexuality. Common sense, right. Many people feel that this is false because you can adopt or have donors, but ultimately it is between two opposite genders. So, why would we condone such behavior if it goes against natural law? I can't answer that, but maybe it's because the individual who has the attraction to the same sex was born missing a part of the brain that interprets the attraction to the opposite sex? I guess you would assimilate it to a handicap like down syndrome or some other condition that is created due to an absence of something physiologically? I am not a doctor nor am I homosexual so I can't determine how the feelings are for the same sex. If you believe in God and follow the Bible, Old and New Testament, you believe that God created Adam and Eve to procreate in the likeness of him! However, I do feel that as far as gay marriage is concerned it should be implemented only by a state law, like it is now, and never a federal law. I'm not o.k. with homosexuality being pushed into religion. The Bible is what it is and no one, but God himself can change that. So for any activists to say that they are being discriminated against should take that one up with God. I think to myself from time to time that some day homosexuals are going to have an encounter with the opposite sex and say,"This is what I missed! What was I thinking!" I'm sure this has happened, but you really don't hear about it. I have a friend who fathered five children and went through two divorces. Wouldn't you know he became a homosexual. Why? I never asked. Maybe it was because it is en vogue to be homosexual or maybe he wanted masculine companionship? Maybe he was just bored?Whatever the case I guess we'll all find out at judgement!

Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't figure out why the Representatives all over the country are so full of BS. Even when they are told what the concerns of the country are they spin the attention to the other side. I can't believe that I am turning into a Libertarian every day! Also, why is the race card being used despite cameras roling and comments being recorded that are not racist nor implied! Some people just can't find a way to debate without using race or some other loaded statement to discredit the opposition. I can't count how many blogs I 've read have actually misquoted people time and time again without correcting themselves even after being proven wrong! I know not a lot of people like Glenn Beck, but everyone will report that he said something that he didn't say! I personally have listened when something was said on his radio show and then it was totally not even taken out of context, but taken from who knows where! I mean the words were not even correct and Glenn has the copy to prove it along with the millions of people that listen to him! Why do people feel it necessary to go to these tactics? These are adults pulling these stunts and veteran journalists reporting it. Why? It does nothing but destroy their credibility! In this day and age people can verify facts very quickly! There must be an ulterior motive that is unseen which in and of itself is corrupt in my opinion. As Americans when are we all collectively going to say "Stop the BS and report the truth". Is this how we were all raised to destroy a persons life by slandering them with untruths? Disgusting! I pray that my childrens generation will not have to deal with this crap!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I recently learned the true meanings of these terms that had never been taught to me before. According to words of the writers of the U.S. Constitution a Democracy is rule by the population as a whole and a Republic is rule by the population via a representative of the collective. How many of us were taught that democracy was having a fair society that is given the freedom to change whatever wrongs there are in the collective society? Is it true? Not really! The architects of the new United States of America proved that a Democracy could not work because it always ended in tyranny or by a single ruler dictating the collective society. The reason behind it was that a Democracy votes on all issues and rules individually. This meant that EVERYONE in the country had to show up at one place at one time to vote on the issue, law, rule, etc. This proved to be a problem because to get EVERYONE in one place at one time was physically impossible, but also, not everyone would show up for any given reason. This would create, in essence, pockets of individuals who could coerce a group to vote certain ways based on MAJORITY vote! This could lead to certain laws being passed that gave power to specific groups or individuals which, ultimately, could lead to tyranny because the laws could be written in such a way that omits the vote of others! Does this sound familiar? Health Care? Bailout Bill? This is what the country has been falling into despite our country being a Republic. A Republic gives an elected Representative to vote and speak on behalf of a small collection of individuals. This system was chosen because if the Representative does not, in the opinion of the constituents for which he/she serves, convey correctly the concerns and votes of the constituents the Representative may be voted out after the term served. This prevents tyranny because the country is comprised of many many Representatives of different states that makes it difficult to form a single ruler. Unfortunately, this is the reason for the "Tea Party" movement! These Representatives are not siding with the constituents and are making decisions based on personal special interests and outside coersion despite the majority concerns. The "I know better than you attitude" has evoked an irritation that needs to be scratched and many elected officials are getting out before the storm hits in November. We will see next year if anything changes, but bottom line is WE ARE A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Do you prefer big government, small government, government that provides everything, government that provides some things or nothing. How about we have a king instead of a president or a dictator like Napoleon? How long would you like this person to rule? Should it be one, two, four, or til death? Most Americans and probably most people in general, feel as though someone else will speak on their behalf. How often do we find ourselves hearing something that we feel is not right and opt to do nothing but complain about it? Do we call our representatives? Normally no because we assume someone else has brought it to their attention. The "tea party" movement does exactly that by getting in the faces of the representatives and expressing their disapproval of their representation. Many find this movement anti-government. Most tea party members have expressed that they are not for "no government", but "small government" as written in the U.S. Constitution. If this movement didn't have anything to back up their rationale I would also assume that they were a bunch of trouble makers too! This whole movement actually started by a comment made by a CNBC financial commentator not a FOX NEWS watching conservative. Are there people out there that are just trying to dismiss the movement because they do want to change America's structure...absolutely! Why would someone want to change how the "Founders" formed our Republic? Obviously, like most, we feel compelled to right a situation when we think we have been wronged. The difference is that most also do not act on these thoughts! There are many "parties" in this country that feel that America needs to change completely! Many of these parties are conservatives, democratic, liberal, atheist, communist, etc. When a party is formed that supports anything other than the original documents of our Republic it is radical! There is no other government on this planet that offers the freedoms of the original Bill of Rights! So, why would anyone want to silence or embarrass a movement like the "Tea Party" that supports our original documents? Like it or not the "Tea Party" movement is trying to protect the original documents not rewrite history....in my opinion!

Monday, April 19, 2010


This is a dark time in our history. Many of us may remember reading these little items in some old book from long ago. End of days? End times? I hope not, but many a religious prophecy lists these items as signs of the end of civilization. Do I think this is the finale of us? I don't know? I guess it's your faith in mankind that determines whether you believe or not. Many of us believe in God and find it hard to believe that the creator of Heaven and Earth could be so cruel. If we were to get in our cars and drive around for the sole purpose of noticing our world just from a local standpoint we may see that things are not as rosy as we assume they are! When we travel locally we put blinders on, but if we go outside the area we appreciate things that locals may not! In my opinion, this ties in prophecy from the aspect of being a good God fearing citizen to your community first. If we are blind to problems and issues of our home why should God spare us judgment prior to our opportunity to live life to what we feel is the fullest? He calls the shots, in my opinion. Whatever your denomination is, typically, our own vanity and arrogance is what gets us in trouble. How do you feel when you find money on the ground? If you answered lucky, well, then you should worry! If you really understand what God has given us as far as virtue, you would feel the need to give this money back or put it to charity. This is my opinion and I'm not innocent either! We all need to work on being better people! This is the problem with politics today. If we are not forced to be charitable or giving we can find the answers of being virtuous on our own. Once we feel pressure to act a certain way, without free will, most of us feel that charity is unworthy because we are told we have to do it! Should we all live in one happy family? Well, it would be nice to live without hate, war, racism, etc., but the ones that cause these issues are the ones that need to heed exterior signs of peril and, unfortunately, have to figure it out for themselves!

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I sit here watching the movie "CARS" for the one thousandth time, but as long as he's happy I'm happy. I don't let my children watch a lot of television, but do find myself being a hypocrite daily! As a child I was not limited to how much television was watched or the content. I'm not saying that my mother never turned anything off that was inappropriate, but she never caught me catching anything too sketchy. It was easy to switch from playing Atari games all night and accidentally watching "Animal House" or "Clockwork Orange"at 2 a.m.! I guess I can say that having cable early on allowed me to see adult content and humor at an early age! Do I think that I should have been limited...absolutely. There was no V-Chip or any settings on the T.V. It was ON or OFF. Actually, we had the T.V. with 13 channels that could only be changed by turning the round dial. We all remember that you had to sprain your wrist at breakneck speed to go back to the channel you passed. I think a lot of kids are not reminded often enough how technology has changed our lives and how quick it has evolved. Nonetheless, I accept my hypocrisy and know that it is better to have children grow up slower and not be rushed through the golden years of innocence. Now back to the movie.......

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Cape Cod is a very nice place to vacation with family and friends with a very quiet atmosphere to it. If you are a history buff you can visit nearby Plymouth and learn about, well, the Pilgrims of course! You can go whale watching and deep see fishing and watch great white sharks attack seals...wait...did I just say great white sharks? Yup, the great white shark has started to show up in the waters of the cape to do what every other living creature does in Cape Cod ...EAT!!! The seals that live on Monomoy Island on the ocean side of the cape have attracted the great white hunter in alarming numbers between roughly May and October. I myself, not being a resident, can't tell you the frequency of sightings, however, can tell you that in 2007 began a string of more frequent sightings. To add insult to injury, this was when my family and I truely fell in love with the cape and made it a destination of ours. The following year brought more sightings, but now they were closer to the beaches and included the act of feeding on the numerous furry morsels that occupied the same space as patrons of the beaches! Locals say that the seals need to be reduced due to population explosion, but the sharks are saying, " Yo Jimmy, Joey, Mikey! Call the rest of the boy's we got a gold mine ova hea!" The sharks seem to be returning in larger numbers every year since 2007. It does not take an expert to realize lots of seals equal lots of sharks! It's like a buffet for sharks. I don't believe in reducing one species to reduce another, but I also don't believe in introducing a species that is not a native to an area, a la Florida! I believe the seals were native, but were hunted for their furs to near extinction. So, when the seals left the sharks left,duh!!Now...here's Brucey!!!!!! The irony to this is this is where JAWS was filmed! Let's hope that people don't throw caution to the wind and ignore nature. We are in their world when we venture out to the beach not ours!

Friday, April 16, 2010


A volcano in Iceland erupts and spews ash into the atmosphere cancelling all flights across the Atlantic...O.K.....What's the problem? Well, many people are complaining that this volcano is inconveniencing them....Again, what's the problem? If someone told me that I would be unable to fly because volcanic ash may enter the engines of the plane I was on and cause the plane to drop like a lead balloon, I would probably say...o.k.? For some to think that they can defy nature and try to avoid certain death despite warnings from people that are specifically hired to prevent death at 30,000 ft. is um...just plain dumb! It boils down to certain death or waiting a few days for a clearance of flight! Since we are in the age of "I need it now" or "I gotta go" caution is chucked out the window at 30,000 ft because some impatient patrons are throwing tantrums at someone who is trying to save people that they don't even know!!!!!! Let God play God and let the people who are in charge of preventing us from meeting God too soon do their job!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The sound of two networks battling it out during the daily debacles of the day! I turn on FOX and someone is bashing another from MSNBC and turn on MSNBC to find the same! To bash someone once o.k. get it off your chest, but to continually bash another is babyish, no? This is why you have such a split on verifying true news! How can I believe one network when they bash another. They are so biased to the parties that we Americans are left to our own devices to confirm the news!! There are no cheques and balances anymore! This mess all began strongly when Obama became president. I am an Independent and can't say I am an Obama supporter, but I can understand why he was so popular with Americans despite his inexperience. The one issue that America had yet to put to bed was electing an African American president. How can anyone not understand the thirst of African Americans to have a president that they can actually relate to or hope to relate to! If my family came from the atrocity known as slavery I would, undoubtedly, vote for an African American president despite the record! This brings me to my next point, which is I hope that he does not disappoint African Americans because he will reset the clock on voting for another African American president. Should Americans have done more research on his record or positions? I'll leave it to you to decide, but not verifying a candidates record is dangerous no matter what race, color, creed! So, in closing, I believe most Americans are tired of being pissed off at everything and the media is not helping! If the truth is told and verified then we can start listening to the networks, but leave the name calling to the adolescents or you will be put in TIMEOUT!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I caught a program that stated the notion that Mars had been inhabited prior to Earth! The premise was that God had given the civilization on Mars the same deal as here on Earth, but it had succumbed to Gods judgement for failing to coexist with each other harmoniously. The theory was made that the Martian civilization had come to Earth to start over and not repeat it's mistakes on Mars. This is how the Mayan, Athenians, Aztecs, etc. are explained in regards to their remarkable calculations and engineering. The program was built on the idea of returning to Mars and using fossil fuels to create global warming to create a warmer climate for life to exist! The scientists, or whoever they were, said that Earth would come to the same fate as Mars. ....My thoughts are you probably...no, no,.......DEFINITELY, can't escape God's judgement! I am not a strong practician of religion, but I acknowledge the existance of God, or some may say a power greater than ourselves. When judgement comes, by the definition of when our time is up individually, we can't be in control of what happens after death. All we can do is live as friendly and as good as we can. We are given this natural feeling of right and wrong. If you are cheating or stealing INSIDE YOU KNOW that your actions are not good because YOUR MIND tells you! My final thought is that WE CAN'T ESCAPE OUR ACTIONS! We need to listen to our God given instincts and not go against them if we are to succeed as a civilization!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I look at all the media outlets and ask myself ,"Why can't I just be told the truth? I'm a big boy." One channel explains a story one way then flip to another and it is told differently. Look! Was it a red truck or a blue truck? Did she call him a "jerk" or did she call him a "nice man"? If we don't have all of the facts DON'T REPORT IT WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!! Then I watch an entertainment/hollywood program and find out that Jon and Kate may be joining to make another reality show. My thoughts...Millions of Americans don't have jobs! How about Jon and Kate tell people how to save their future and learn to save their money or explain how to raise a family on $100 a week? We see everyday on T.V. numerous shows and news programs that candy coat a story or tell one side as long as it's politically correct! Can we just have a story that isn't aimed to slander someone or ridicule another? How does Tiger Woods specifically affect anyone other than his family? He screwed up...we get it! Move on! Yet, we follow his story for what purpose? It does not increase your earnings or put food on the table! Are we ever going to look away from the train wreck and focus on positive issues to better the civilization? I'm convinced that God was pretty upset when Adam and Eve messed with that tree!!! He probably thought,"When are you gonna learn?" Yup!!! When are we gonna learn?"

Monday, April 12, 2010


As I look over the Blogs I notice something. One has a woman performing oral sex, another has a widow and her beloved children, one has a twenty something male who is struggling with his sexuality, next we find a college grad struggling to find work in America after spending his family's savings, two frat brothers talk about getting wasted and how many girls are on the menu this week (ECO 101 will wait), an Asian man takes pics of his computer parts ( I think), lastly, a nondescript woman talks about the darker side of life with blood, night rituals and being sad to the point of pruned skin occuring from the sunami of tears. My conclusion is.......umm, uh, nothing is sacred. Nothing is shocking! In my opinion, it's all down hill from here! How can we survive as a civilization if nothing is out of bounds? I mean, in the U.S. we have the Bill of Rights to guard our freedoms, but my point is when do we realize maybe some things are a little too explicit? When does our soul put up a warning flag that says maybe I shouldn't go down this road? I have been guilty of , I guess, excess, but I realized shortly after that hey knock it off before you hurt yourself or someone else! Will the soul reinstate cheques and balances?


Hello 21st Century!
Is this where you write about anything and everything in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? In the next few posts I will talk about everything from religion to french toast. I may even dabble in why do your family members feel it's o.k. to talk to you while you are actively utilizing the fixtures in your bathroom? If you want to hear about my thoughts on our country and my opinions on the party's, well, stay tuned........I'm just a guy in pajama pants!