Monday, April 19, 2010


This is a dark time in our history. Many of us may remember reading these little items in some old book from long ago. End of days? End times? I hope not, but many a religious prophecy lists these items as signs of the end of civilization. Do I think this is the finale of us? I don't know? I guess it's your faith in mankind that determines whether you believe or not. Many of us believe in God and find it hard to believe that the creator of Heaven and Earth could be so cruel. If we were to get in our cars and drive around for the sole purpose of noticing our world just from a local standpoint we may see that things are not as rosy as we assume they are! When we travel locally we put blinders on, but if we go outside the area we appreciate things that locals may not! In my opinion, this ties in prophecy from the aspect of being a good God fearing citizen to your community first. If we are blind to problems and issues of our home why should God spare us judgment prior to our opportunity to live life to what we feel is the fullest? He calls the shots, in my opinion. Whatever your denomination is, typically, our own vanity and arrogance is what gets us in trouble. How do you feel when you find money on the ground? If you answered lucky, well, then you should worry! If you really understand what God has given us as far as virtue, you would feel the need to give this money back or put it to charity. This is my opinion and I'm not innocent either! We all need to work on being better people! This is the problem with politics today. If we are not forced to be charitable or giving we can find the answers of being virtuous on our own. Once we feel pressure to act a certain way, without free will, most of us feel that charity is unworthy because we are told we have to do it! Should we all live in one happy family? Well, it would be nice to live without hate, war, racism, etc., but the ones that cause these issues are the ones that need to heed exterior signs of peril and, unfortunately, have to figure it out for themselves!

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