Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I look at all the media outlets and ask myself ,"Why can't I just be told the truth? I'm a big boy." One channel explains a story one way then flip to another and it is told differently. Look! Was it a red truck or a blue truck? Did she call him a "jerk" or did she call him a "nice man"? If we don't have all of the facts DON'T REPORT IT WE DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!! Then I watch an entertainment/hollywood program and find out that Jon and Kate may be joining to make another reality show. My thoughts...Millions of Americans don't have jobs! How about Jon and Kate tell people how to save their future and learn to save their money or explain how to raise a family on $100 a week? We see everyday on T.V. numerous shows and news programs that candy coat a story or tell one side as long as it's politically correct! Can we just have a story that isn't aimed to slander someone or ridicule another? How does Tiger Woods specifically affect anyone other than his family? He screwed up...we get it! Move on! Yet, we follow his story for what purpose? It does not increase your earnings or put food on the table! Are we ever going to look away from the train wreck and focus on positive issues to better the civilization? I'm convinced that God was pretty upset when Adam and Eve messed with that tree!!! He probably thought,"When are you gonna learn?" Yup!!! When are we gonna learn?"

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