Friday, April 16, 2010


A volcano in Iceland erupts and spews ash into the atmosphere cancelling all flights across the Atlantic...O.K.....What's the problem? Well, many people are complaining that this volcano is inconveniencing them....Again, what's the problem? If someone told me that I would be unable to fly because volcanic ash may enter the engines of the plane I was on and cause the plane to drop like a lead balloon, I would probably say...o.k.? For some to think that they can defy nature and try to avoid certain death despite warnings from people that are specifically hired to prevent death at 30,000 ft. is um...just plain dumb! It boils down to certain death or waiting a few days for a clearance of flight! Since we are in the age of "I need it now" or "I gotta go" caution is chucked out the window at 30,000 ft because some impatient patrons are throwing tantrums at someone who is trying to save people that they don't even know!!!!!! Let God play God and let the people who are in charge of preventing us from meeting God too soon do their job!!!

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