Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Do you prefer big government, small government, government that provides everything, government that provides some things or nothing. How about we have a king instead of a president or a dictator like Napoleon? How long would you like this person to rule? Should it be one, two, four, or til death? Most Americans and probably most people in general, feel as though someone else will speak on their behalf. How often do we find ourselves hearing something that we feel is not right and opt to do nothing but complain about it? Do we call our representatives? Normally no because we assume someone else has brought it to their attention. The "tea party" movement does exactly that by getting in the faces of the representatives and expressing their disapproval of their representation. Many find this movement anti-government. Most tea party members have expressed that they are not for "no government", but "small government" as written in the U.S. Constitution. If this movement didn't have anything to back up their rationale I would also assume that they were a bunch of trouble makers too! This whole movement actually started by a comment made by a CNBC financial commentator not a FOX NEWS watching conservative. Are there people out there that are just trying to dismiss the movement because they do want to change America's structure...absolutely! Why would someone want to change how the "Founders" formed our Republic? Obviously, like most, we feel compelled to right a situation when we think we have been wronged. The difference is that most also do not act on these thoughts! There are many "parties" in this country that feel that America needs to change completely! Many of these parties are conservatives, democratic, liberal, atheist, communist, etc. When a party is formed that supports anything other than the original documents of our Republic it is radical! There is no other government on this planet that offers the freedoms of the original Bill of Rights! So, why would anyone want to silence or embarrass a movement like the "Tea Party" that supports our original documents? Like it or not the "Tea Party" movement is trying to protect the original documents not rewrite history....in my opinion!

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