Thursday, April 15, 2010


The sound of two networks battling it out during the daily debacles of the day! I turn on FOX and someone is bashing another from MSNBC and turn on MSNBC to find the same! To bash someone once o.k. get it off your chest, but to continually bash another is babyish, no? This is why you have such a split on verifying true news! How can I believe one network when they bash another. They are so biased to the parties that we Americans are left to our own devices to confirm the news!! There are no cheques and balances anymore! This mess all began strongly when Obama became president. I am an Independent and can't say I am an Obama supporter, but I can understand why he was so popular with Americans despite his inexperience. The one issue that America had yet to put to bed was electing an African American president. How can anyone not understand the thirst of African Americans to have a president that they can actually relate to or hope to relate to! If my family came from the atrocity known as slavery I would, undoubtedly, vote for an African American president despite the record! This brings me to my next point, which is I hope that he does not disappoint African Americans because he will reset the clock on voting for another African American president. Should Americans have done more research on his record or positions? I'll leave it to you to decide, but not verifying a candidates record is dangerous no matter what race, color, creed! So, in closing, I believe most Americans are tired of being pissed off at everything and the media is not helping! If the truth is told and verified then we can start listening to the networks, but leave the name calling to the adolescents or you will be put in TIMEOUT!

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