Thursday, April 22, 2010


I can't figure out why the Representatives all over the country are so full of BS. Even when they are told what the concerns of the country are they spin the attention to the other side. I can't believe that I am turning into a Libertarian every day! Also, why is the race card being used despite cameras roling and comments being recorded that are not racist nor implied! Some people just can't find a way to debate without using race or some other loaded statement to discredit the opposition. I can't count how many blogs I 've read have actually misquoted people time and time again without correcting themselves even after being proven wrong! I know not a lot of people like Glenn Beck, but everyone will report that he said something that he didn't say! I personally have listened when something was said on his radio show and then it was totally not even taken out of context, but taken from who knows where! I mean the words were not even correct and Glenn has the copy to prove it along with the millions of people that listen to him! Why do people feel it necessary to go to these tactics? These are adults pulling these stunts and veteran journalists reporting it. Why? It does nothing but destroy their credibility! In this day and age people can verify facts very quickly! There must be an ulterior motive that is unseen which in and of itself is corrupt in my opinion. As Americans when are we all collectively going to say "Stop the BS and report the truth". Is this how we were all raised to destroy a persons life by slandering them with untruths? Disgusting! I pray that my childrens generation will not have to deal with this crap!

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