Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I recently learned the true meanings of these terms that had never been taught to me before. According to words of the writers of the U.S. Constitution a Democracy is rule by the population as a whole and a Republic is rule by the population via a representative of the collective. How many of us were taught that democracy was having a fair society that is given the freedom to change whatever wrongs there are in the collective society? Is it true? Not really! The architects of the new United States of America proved that a Democracy could not work because it always ended in tyranny or by a single ruler dictating the collective society. The reason behind it was that a Democracy votes on all issues and rules individually. This meant that EVERYONE in the country had to show up at one place at one time to vote on the issue, law, rule, etc. This proved to be a problem because to get EVERYONE in one place at one time was physically impossible, but also, not everyone would show up for any given reason. This would create, in essence, pockets of individuals who could coerce a group to vote certain ways based on MAJORITY vote! This could lead to certain laws being passed that gave power to specific groups or individuals which, ultimately, could lead to tyranny because the laws could be written in such a way that omits the vote of others! Does this sound familiar? Health Care? Bailout Bill? This is what the country has been falling into despite our country being a Republic. A Republic gives an elected Representative to vote and speak on behalf of a small collection of individuals. This system was chosen because if the Representative does not, in the opinion of the constituents for which he/she serves, convey correctly the concerns and votes of the constituents the Representative may be voted out after the term served. This prevents tyranny because the country is comprised of many many Representatives of different states that makes it difficult to form a single ruler. Unfortunately, this is the reason for the "Tea Party" movement! These Representatives are not siding with the constituents and are making decisions based on personal special interests and outside coersion despite the majority concerns. The "I know better than you attitude" has evoked an irritation that needs to be scratched and many elected officials are getting out before the storm hits in November. We will see next year if anything changes, but bottom line is WE ARE A REPUBLIC NOT A DEMOCRACY!!!

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