Monday, April 26, 2010


While driving to drop my kids off at my relatives house I heard on the radio that Lindsey Lohan was having financial difficulties. Wow! Not only is that ground breaking news that needed to be reported to the listening nation, but should have been addressed by the President! The report went on to say that Miss Lohan had been dropped for a part that she reportedly had already been screened for. Well, kids this is why parents should explain the truth of Hollywood and the hard reality that it isn't this magical place where dreams come true to live happily ever after! How often do we hear about the fall from grace that many actors take. Rarely, although not always do we hear of an actor leaving Hollywood to make the same salary that he/she acquired while in the lime light. So, kids this is why actors are only pretending to not only be someone they are not on camera, but in their everyday lives also!

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