Monday, April 12, 2010


As I look over the Blogs I notice something. One has a woman performing oral sex, another has a widow and her beloved children, one has a twenty something male who is struggling with his sexuality, next we find a college grad struggling to find work in America after spending his family's savings, two frat brothers talk about getting wasted and how many girls are on the menu this week (ECO 101 will wait), an Asian man takes pics of his computer parts ( I think), lastly, a nondescript woman talks about the darker side of life with blood, night rituals and being sad to the point of pruned skin occuring from the sunami of tears. My conclusion is.......umm, uh, nothing is sacred. Nothing is shocking! In my opinion, it's all down hill from here! How can we survive as a civilization if nothing is out of bounds? I mean, in the U.S. we have the Bill of Rights to guard our freedoms, but my point is when do we realize maybe some things are a little too explicit? When does our soul put up a warning flag that says maybe I shouldn't go down this road? I have been guilty of , I guess, excess, but I realized shortly after that hey knock it off before you hurt yourself or someone else! Will the soul reinstate cheques and balances?

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