Saturday, April 17, 2010


Cape Cod is a very nice place to vacation with family and friends with a very quiet atmosphere to it. If you are a history buff you can visit nearby Plymouth and learn about, well, the Pilgrims of course! You can go whale watching and deep see fishing and watch great white sharks attack seals...wait...did I just say great white sharks? Yup, the great white shark has started to show up in the waters of the cape to do what every other living creature does in Cape Cod ...EAT!!! The seals that live on Monomoy Island on the ocean side of the cape have attracted the great white hunter in alarming numbers between roughly May and October. I myself, not being a resident, can't tell you the frequency of sightings, however, can tell you that in 2007 began a string of more frequent sightings. To add insult to injury, this was when my family and I truely fell in love with the cape and made it a destination of ours. The following year brought more sightings, but now they were closer to the beaches and included the act of feeding on the numerous furry morsels that occupied the same space as patrons of the beaches! Locals say that the seals need to be reduced due to population explosion, but the sharks are saying, " Yo Jimmy, Joey, Mikey! Call the rest of the boy's we got a gold mine ova hea!" The sharks seem to be returning in larger numbers every year since 2007. It does not take an expert to realize lots of seals equal lots of sharks! It's like a buffet for sharks. I don't believe in reducing one species to reduce another, but I also don't believe in introducing a species that is not a native to an area, a la Florida! I believe the seals were native, but were hunted for their furs to near extinction. So, when the seals left the sharks left,duh!!'s Brucey!!!!!! The irony to this is this is where JAWS was filmed! Let's hope that people don't throw caution to the wind and ignore nature. We are in their world when we venture out to the beach not ours!

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