Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I caught a program that stated the notion that Mars had been inhabited prior to Earth! The premise was that God had given the civilization on Mars the same deal as here on Earth, but it had succumbed to Gods judgement for failing to coexist with each other harmoniously. The theory was made that the Martian civilization had come to Earth to start over and not repeat it's mistakes on Mars. This is how the Mayan, Athenians, Aztecs, etc. are explained in regards to their remarkable calculations and engineering. The program was built on the idea of returning to Mars and using fossil fuels to create global warming to create a warmer climate for life to exist! The scientists, or whoever they were, said that Earth would come to the same fate as Mars. ....My thoughts are you, no,.......DEFINITELY, can't escape God's judgement! I am not a strong practician of religion, but I acknowledge the existance of God, or some may say a power greater than ourselves. When judgement comes, by the definition of when our time is up individually, we can't be in control of what happens after death. All we can do is live as friendly and as good as we can. We are given this natural feeling of right and wrong. If you are cheating or stealing INSIDE YOU KNOW that your actions are not good because YOUR MIND tells you! My final thought is that WE CAN'T ESCAPE OUR ACTIONS! We need to listen to our God given instincts and not go against them if we are to succeed as a civilization!

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