Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I know many people think Glenn Beck is a lunatic, but what if he is correct? Has anyone in the media come out to discredit him? Yes! Has anyone come out to disprove his findings on the bureaucracy and corruption that is associated with the government, corporations and media? No! Wait...did I just hear a "No"? Why? Perhaps they think that his findings are merely that of a madman or a good old fashioned conspiracy theorist? But, has anyone ever checked out his evidence? I have! Maybe not all, but the items I have checked out were indeed true! Why won't someone else check out his accusations? Maybe they have and can't disprove any of them? The scary part of this is that these facts certainly go against our founding system of government, cheques and balances, values and citizenry as we know it! Have we really become a nation of minimal expectation and pacification by another? We can only hope not! Where are the rest of the media on these issues? In my opinion, they are so attached to the breast of corporate stigmatising that weaning them off would be as easy as drilling a cavity on a lion! If we are at the crossroads of becoming a socialist nation ridding ourselves of self dependence and independence, where are the voices challenging this transformation? Have we really lost our thirst to be the only Republic in the world? Does the majority of this country really want to sit back and let the government do all the work? I believe the government is good for some things, but for everything..no way! So, is Glenn Beck correct? I think we need to wake up and prove him wrong! We can't sit on the bench hoping the coach will call us into the game because it is our game and the game is FREEDOM! We all know the feeling of losing a game, but this game would leave an everlasting sting!!!

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