Friday, April 23, 2010


Am I against homosexuality? Well, I do have a relative who is gay. That's not the question. Am I against homosexuality? Do I think it is wrong morally, well, no. My reason is because you cannot condemn someone for exercising freewill. If a person is convinced that they believe strongly in something despite it's popularity or religious approval I agree that a person has the right to exist as such. Now, do I totally agree with homosexuality. No, because it does prevents the natural laws of nature from occuring. Procreation can't occur through homosexuality. Common sense, right. Many people feel that this is false because you can adopt or have donors, but ultimately it is between two opposite genders. So, why would we condone such behavior if it goes against natural law? I can't answer that, but maybe it's because the individual who has the attraction to the same sex was born missing a part of the brain that interprets the attraction to the opposite sex? I guess you would assimilate it to a handicap like down syndrome or some other condition that is created due to an absence of something physiologically? I am not a doctor nor am I homosexual so I can't determine how the feelings are for the same sex. If you believe in God and follow the Bible, Old and New Testament, you believe that God created Adam and Eve to procreate in the likeness of him! However, I do feel that as far as gay marriage is concerned it should be implemented only by a state law, like it is now, and never a federal law. I'm not o.k. with homosexuality being pushed into religion. The Bible is what it is and no one, but God himself can change that. So for any activists to say that they are being discriminated against should take that one up with God. I think to myself from time to time that some day homosexuals are going to have an encounter with the opposite sex and say,"This is what I missed! What was I thinking!" I'm sure this has happened, but you really don't hear about it. I have a friend who fathered five children and went through two divorces. Wouldn't you know he became a homosexual. Why? I never asked. Maybe it was because it is en vogue to be homosexual or maybe he wanted masculine companionship? Maybe he was just bored?Whatever the case I guess we'll all find out at judgement!

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